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A Legend from the Eighties Springing Back to Life!

Spring 1984... Nick & P-H reply to a personal ad stating that a producer is looking for "new talents". In no time their demo tape is ready and posted, along with a quite delirious resume... A few days later Nick & P-H are invited to meet the producer, who falls on the spot for their uncommon charm and rather unusual music.

Contracts - recording - photo shooting... the project is taking shape - and turns into a success story when KAZINO accepts to endorse a soon-to-be hit from Italy. Around my Dream proves indeed so promising as a super Hit that the team gears up to full speed and rushes onto the first TV sets of a long series...

The public as well as the professionals welcome Around my Dream by KAZINO with unambiguous enthusiasm - and there comes the 1985 Summer Hit, with its load of Radio and TV shows Radios across Europe while the song climbs in the charts. Around my Dream even sits for a while second in the French TOP 50, right behind the enormously popular - and hard to beat - USA for Africa.

Oddly enough, ‘Binary’ (the ‘b-side’ track quickly put together) is encountering a vast success in the underground and, and will later become a ‘techno-disco’ fetish in hype dancing’s still played today.

Extremely numerous road shows follow in the wake, including the famous Podium Europe 1, while a second single and the KAZINO album are being prepared.

Unfortunately, Nick & P-H are gradually getting exhausted by this tremendous rhythm. If they are still performing, however at a slower pace, the spirit is gone. And somewhere in 1987, KAZINO splits...

... But some guardian angel must be at work, and by one of those strange fortunes in life, the whole team (artists, producer & manager)  crosses path again in Brussels, 20 years later precisely, and sets KAZINO back to life!

.. And while recording new material, the band had the chance to be part of a popular ’80 revival – another period of TV shows, and above of all, live performances in all the biggest concert halls in France. For about one year and a half, KAZINO and other artists from the eighties (Emile & Image, Lio, Desireless, Raft, Jean-Pierre-Mader, Vivien Savage, Rose Lorens, Richard Sanderson, ..)  jumped from coach liner to plane, from plane to train, all around France, along with the RFM Party 80 Tour. Zenith after Zenith, Kazino is at the Top!

The success was certain – and the last of KAZINO appearance was not the least: they had their parting concert in the mythical Stade de France… A night they will forever remember!